Attempts to move Congress of USA to withdraw troops out of Iraq

War in Iraq and participation of USA troops in it have always been painful question for American people. During the whole war various social organizations and groups of people made efforts to move congress to use its power and influence to the president to withdraw American troops out of destructing and expensive war in Iraq where 4 thous. of American troopers lost their lives and about 30 thous. were wounded.
From the very beginning (2003) this war found a lot of opponents, not only among the Americans but also in the international community; the most principal opponents were France, Germany, and Russia. About 36 million people all over the world took part in the protests against Iraq war in April 2003 trying to move congress to stop this war.
In March 2008 mass anti-war demonstrations took place in Washington and San-Francisco where several hundreds of people took part.
Significant success in this respect was achieved 2 months later, in May 2008, when USA Congress refused to allocate 163 billion dollars for financing of war in Iraq and Afghanistan with 149 voices con and 141 voices pro. Besides, congressmen requirement to George Bush was to withdraw troops from Iraq till December 2009. Troops withdrawal from Iraq actually has been implemented according to elaborated program; however, full troops withdrawal is actually scheduled for the end of 2011.
In September 2008 anti-war demonstrators in Minnesota were dispersed by tear gas and flashbangs.
Nevertheless continuous and systemic attempts to move congress to active anti-war actions led to obvious results: gradual withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

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